Maestro Services

About Maestro Services

Oklahoma City - Maestro Services is a company designed from the ground up to help drive solutions with a Green IT approach. It's very important to start using technology that is more friendly on our environment. Given the choice between two products with the same outcome but one can save you money over the years due to reduced electricity costs, why not choose that one.

A nation wide provider - We are based out of the Oklahoma City area but we have installers throughout the US. So wherever the job takes us, we can make it happen.

Custom solutions - We've aligned our company with partners from many different areas. By not pushing only one product of a given type, it allows us the ability find the best solution for our customers. In some cases we will design and program an application to wrap around a boxed solution with the end result of something designed exactly for your needs.

Turnkey operation - From start to finish we can handel all the details. When we learn what budget you are trying to work with and what you expect the outcome to do, just turn us loose and wait for the final working solution. We will assign a dedicated project manager to oversee the project, and communicate with you every step of the way if you would like.

Managed solutions - Maestro Services is positioned in such a way that we can provide just about any of the services we do as a managed service to you. By doing this your upfront costs go way down and in some cases are nothing.

Our Focus

  • Maestro Services was founded in Oklahoma City, OK.

  • We have a huge desire to deliver Green Initiative products when possible.

  • Our core business is integrating threat management services for your operation.

  • Areas of interest: Environmental monitoring, perimeter security, network intrusion, and disaster recovery.