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February 16, 2009

You are receiving this newsletter as a benefit from Maestro Computer and Cable Services. Maestro sends out quarterly newsletters with the exception of the occasional specific newsletter from various events that we attend.  We want to keep you informed as to what we are doing.

Maestro has partnered with Certeon, the makers of aCelera - a virtual appliance for application acceleration.

Imagine reducing application response time over the WAN by more than 95%.  How about being able to add application acceleration in your virtual machine without adding costly proprietary hardware.  With it's ability to minimize network traffic and to accelerate document flow, the result is a breakthrough in performance level.

If you've got a distributed enterprise, you need WAN optimization.  Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V, and VMware ESX or ESXi are fully supported.  This solution will run within a VM operating system.  It's easy to deploy, very scalable, and flexible.
Certeon - aCelera
Follow the link below to learn more about this great product and how it can work in your environment. If you have any questions, please give us a call, we feel confident that we can help design a solution that will satisfy your needs.

Sincerely, the Maestro Team

Integrated threat management services


Environment: Using the NetBotz Monitoring and Management Appliances, we are able to offer an environmental monitoring service for your enterprise. The NetBotz pod-based architecture gives tremendous flexibility and expandability. If you need live video and audio, or if you need to monitor Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Airflow, or more, we can do it with our custom designed environmental monitoring service.


Perimeter: OnSSI and Maestro team up to bring you a powerful surveillance and camera management solution which lets you take complete control of network and analog CCTV surveillance cameras throughout your campus. Its built-in features completely eliminate the need for traditional hardware such as video matrix switches, multiplexers, and quads. Its use of Ethernet network cabling eliminates the need for coax cabling.

Network Intrusion

Network Intrusion: We've designed a unique service based on the need for high-speed intrusion prevention and detection systems. We've leveraged the TippingPoint line of products because they are the leader in this field. If you need to analyze traffic flow, perform packet inspection, and discard malicious traffic all in real time, we've got a managed solution for you. This innovative approach allows us to offer you a network-based security solution with ultra-high performance, scalability, and reliability.

Existing Data

Existing Data: We've teamed up with CoreVault to provide top-of-the-line data backup and recovery services that are automated and centrally managed to help protect your data. Our solution helps with offsite protection, regulatory compliance, fast restores, and increased security with world-class customer service. With our service, your organization can focus on its core business knowing your data is always protected.

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