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We will be publishing these newsletters and sending them out periodically. Our hope is that we can keep you informed as to what is going on in the industry as well as new services and special offers we will be providing.

Winter 2007
OnSSI introduces new, state of the art surveillance equipment
Maestro is pleased to announce the addition of high-quality, state of the art OnSSI video surveillance equipment to its product line. OnSSI’s platforms deliver camera management, recording and archiving, and intelligent video delivery via multiple video clients. Video images can be viewed on large scale video systems or from something as small as a handheld device.

Because OnSSI's platforms support many IP cameras and video formats, you can mix and match cameras that will be most cost-effective will suit the job. The systems allow effective monitoring of large camera arrays and improved responsiveness to events due to the products advanced features. Other features include:

The NetDVMS surveillance system leads the way with an enterprise level network video recorder and camera management software suite. You can also manage an unlimited number of cameras as well as clients with NetDVMS. Other features include:

• Intuitive map-driven interface
• Support of MPEG-4, MJPEG, H.263 and Wavelet
• Free remote and portable client licenses
• Multi-channel audio recording

These systems are a great way for mid- to large-sized businesses, hospitals, casinos, etc. to monitor activity on their premises in many places at the same time. Click below to learn more about other OnSSI systems and products.

NetDVMS - large-scale IP video surveillance management
NetDVR - software for medium-scale surveillance deployments
NetGuard - advanced video display clients for NetDVMS and NetDVR
ProSight-SMB - IP video surveillance for small-medium businesses
ProSight-SOHO - IP video surveillance software for small businesses
NetSwitcher - large-scale virtual matrix switch and video wall management software
NetMatrix - intelligent viewing and event-driven push video add-on
NetPDA and NetCell - video portability solutions
NetTransact - POS-integrated video monitoring loss reduction solution

For more information on these and other products available through Maestro call 405.605.5625 or visit our Web site.

Meet Maestro's Darrell Mullins
We are proud to welcome Darrell Mullins to the Maestro team. Darrell is Maestro’s security engineer and is responsible for the design, implementation and support of analog and digital surveillance systems for Maestro clients.

Darrell received his bachelor of science degree in business from Southern Nazarene University. He is also a certified Corning Optical Fiber Certified Technician, Corning Optical Fiber Design Certification and Bicsi ITS Registered/Qualified Technician.

Cable Solutions ...
And So Much More

Maestro provides cabling solutions for both businesses and homes, including voice, data, video, energy management and security networks. We combine our technical expertise with the world’s best products to provide you with high-performance wired or wireless cabling solutions. We also offer an extended 20-year warranty from the cable manufacturer.

With Liebert Technology we can provide the ultimate in protection for your sensitive electronic equipment, all under one roof. This integrated enclosure system protects against excessive heat, poor power quality and unauthorized access.

FastTrack, Maestro's Web-based project management tool, allows us to provide customers with a Maestro project manager no matter where they are located in the country. Maestro managers oversee projects from start to finish, and our customers can track project progress through our Web site. To schedule a local or national project with one of Maestro's PMI certified project managers, click here.