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TippingPoint TippingPoint - Here is a listing of the Product Datasheets, Vertical and Solution Datasheets, Corporate Datasheets, etc... put out by TippingPoint. Within this listing there are White Papers, Case Studies, Webcasts, etc... and range from topics of Intrusion Prevention, IPS technical specifications, intrusion prevention, core controller data sheets, SMS security management systems, network access control overview, and much more.

NetBotz Data Sheets NetBotz - You will find a link to the NetBotz page of their on-line library. On this page there are links to various PDF's regarding the NetBotz 500, 420, 320, rack access PX, InfraStruXure Central, add-on hardware, and much more. Also you will find case studies from NASA Ames, Masons, University of Missouri-Kansas, and several more. There are also links to different application notes such as third party device integration, and security features of APCs NetBotz applications.

OnSSI Manuals & White Papers OnSSI - Following this link you will have access to various downloads, manuals, tutorials, and white papers for the OnSSI products. You will also be able to read about the new Ocularis Client Lite product that is designed to change the way we review recorded data. Please take the time to read some of this material and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will do what we can to help and show you a demo.

UPLOGIX Solutions UPLOGIX - Puts the power of your most trusted IT admin everywhere. Uplogix eliminates the challenges of managing remote sites and highly distributed infrastructure with their next-generation remote management solutions. Designed to overcome the limitations of console servers and network-based monitoring systems, their solutions deliver the active, secure management required to manage your highly distributed infrastructure.

Liebert Liebert - Oklahoma City schools protect new LAN with Liebert's foundation MCR. In 1999, the Oklahoma City School District faced harsh realities about its computing infrastructure. After deciding to establish a Local Area Network (LAN) between schools to bring Internet access down to the student level, challenges inherent in the year-round operation of school buildings led to the decision to protect its servers and other sensitive electronic equipment from security, power and temperature risks.

Certeon aCelera Sync Solutions Certeon - The WAN Impact on Data Protection. When deploying business continuity (BC) capabilities over a wide area network (WAN), data backup and replication processes among data centers, branches, and replication sites can be significantly slowed down. Low bandwidth, high latency, network contention, and packet loss can interfere with an enterprise’s ability to quickly and efficiently achieve recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) goals.

USA Today USA Today - Oklahoma City defies recession. When an auto plant closes, it’s usually bad news for the local economy. When that factory is a mammoth, 4-million-squarefoot operation with thousands of highly paid union workers, the shutdown usually means disaster. Not in Oklahoma City, where the unemployment rate is low and personal income is soaring.