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Kantech: Access control for your enterprise

Kantech is an access control brand of Tyco Fire and Security. They provide reliable, cost-effective access control solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. The Kantech Entrapass software family, KT series controllers, IoProx readers, cards and industry-leading T.Rex exit detectors can operate together or alone, giving you complete flexibility in configuring and expanding your system.

S2 Security: Integrated physical security management products

The S2 NetBox and S2 Enterprise, bring sophisticated security management features to facilities of all sizes while minimizing total cost of ownership. By leveraging the power of IP networking technology, open systems, and IT experience, S2 brings users an unprecedented level of control over physical security throughout the enterprise.

Digital Horizon Solutions: Physical Access Control

Physical Access Control & Integrated Security Management Solutions Innovative Solutions for Complex Security Problems Designed for true Enterprise Security Applications, the DHS Eclipse 700 is currently deployed in Government facilities, Casino Gaming, Educational, Airport, Fortune 500, Office and Industrial applications among others around the globe.

Sielox: Access Control and Video Systems

Sielox's advanced integrated solutions encompass a wide range of access control and video surveillance solutions tailored to the specific safety, security and compliance requirements of the industry sectors it serves. The integration of access control with video surveillance adds a extra layer of security, giving organization instant visibility as well as a visual record of exception-based events.

Synergis: IP Access Control Solution

Synergis, an integral part of the Security Center, is designed with end-to-end IP connectivity, from access control reader to client workstation. As one of the most intuitive IP access control solutions on the market, Synergis is being used by a number of organizations within the transportation, education, retail and gaming industries.

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