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Pivot3: Introducing Pivot3 RAIGE

RAIGE Storage Cluster is a cost-effective, iSCSI implementation of the Pivot3 block-level infrastructure virtualization architecture. It provides highly-available, block storage for data intensive applications. Pivot3 RAIGE Storage Cluster is built using industry-standard, high-quality servers and disk drives connected via common Gigabit Ethernet. The virtual data allocation and protection architecture (RAID Across Independent Gigabit Ethernet or RAIGE) delivers scalable performance and data availability features typically found in systems up to twice the price or more.

Intransa: Video Data & Retention Solutions

Intransa Smart CCTV DVR Upgrades enable security practitioners to record more video, increase retention periods, improve video quality, and eliminate lost video. Best of all, you can continue to leverage your investment in existing DVRs, cameras and infrastructure... for less than the price of adding another DVR. You also get all the benefits of IP and Intransa Video Data Management and Retention solutions (VDMR), and have a great platform to add NVRs and IP cameras when you want to.

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