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IQinVision Sentinel series IQinVision: IQeye Sentinel Series

The IQeye Sentinel Series is the first all-weather megapixel network camera that is entirely Power-over-Ethernet. These innovative, vandal-resistant and weatherproof IP security cameras can be mounted to a wall, ceiling, or parapet without the need for additional hardware. This indoor/outdoor surveillance cam is available in 1,2, 3, and 5 megapixel models, standard or day/night, with a variety of quality megapixel lens options so you can cover any application.

Costar mobile digital video recorders Costar: Mobile digital video recorders

Costar MDVR210-CF is designed as an event based or a shift based audio, video, telemetry and data recorder. After a shift or series of events has been recorded, this unit is designed to transfer the data to a server via wired or wireless connection or through physical removal of the Compact Flash card. This recorder is designed specifically for mobile applications in harsh temperature and high-vibration environments where reliability of the recorded data is critical.

Sony IPELA network camera Sony: IPELA series IP cameras

IPELA is Sony’s vision of the ultimate workplace, designed to revolutionize the way business communicates over global IP networks. Utilizing Sony's line of high quality, IP-ready visual communication products, communication is delivered in high-resolution images and naturally clear audio - with a quality never before achieved. The IPELA series of visual communication products encompass the three-pronged concept of "Reality", "Intelligence", and "Usability".

NetBotz environmental monitoring NetBotz: Next-generation monitoring appliance

Using the NetBotz Monitoring and Management Appliances, we are able to offer an environmental monitoring service for your enterprise. The NetBotz pod-based architecture gives tremendous flexibility and expandability. If you need live video and audio, or if you need to monitor Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Airflow, or more, we can do it with our custom designed environmental monitoring service. These units are expandable via additional camera pods and sensor pods connected to USB ports on the base station.

APC Smart-UPS APC: Smart-UPS power protection

Award-winning Smart-UPS is the perfect UPS for protecting business critical servers, voice and data networks, point of sale, retail/bank back office and ATM's. High real power output (watts), generous runtime, sine wave output, 16-segment LED visual display, and intelligent battery management make Smart-UPS the leading server class UPS. Included PowerChute? management software provides IT administrators the comfort of safe system shutdown and advanced UPS management.

OnSSI NVR DVR OnSSI & Milestone: IP video control

OnSSI, Milestone, and Maestro Services team up to bring you a powerful surveillance and camera management solution which lets you take complete control of network and analog CCTV surveillance cameras throughout your campus. Its built-in features completely eliminate the need for traditional hardware such as video matrix switches, multiplexers, and quads. Its use of Ethernet network cabling eliminates the need for coax cabling. Existing analog cameras can even be controlled when used with Video Servers.

Kantech Entrapass Kantech: Access control and integrated systems

An access control brand of Tyco Fire & Security, provides reliable, cost-effective access control solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Kantech's Entrapass software family, KT series controllers, IoProx readers, cards and industry-leading T.Rex exit detectors can operate together or alone, giving you complete flexibility in configuring and expanding your system.